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Nothing is Impossible

Lakshman Reddy passed out of Unnati’s 18th batch in the year 2009.He has come a long way ever since and today stands tall as a confident young man, earning handsomely, as a medical representative in one of the big Indian Pharma Companies M/s Indoco Remedies Ltd, with a CTC of over 4 lakhs.

Lakshman lost his father in 2007 and his family was under deep financial trouble and had to discontinue his education after 12th std. He had no sense of direction and had no inkling as to how to proceed with his life. It is then that his friend Manjesh of the 17th batch recommended Unnati to him. There was no looking back after that for Lakshman. His whole life changed.

When one speaks to Lakshman today, he comes across as a man who is confident, composed, full of enthusiasm and rearing to go and achieve all his dreams. The training at Unnati helped him immensely, specially soft skills, typing, computers and spoken english. He proudly talks about supporting his family and how he got his sister married with his earnings. According to him Unnati made him believe that nothing is impossible, instead ‘I will make it  Possible’. In the meanwhile Lakshman also found time to complete his B.Com degree. In the words of Lakshman, “Unnati pulled me from bottom level to middle level”.

Lakshman Reddy, a farmer’s son from Gowribidnur, is certainly showing the way to many youth. He feels that God has been kind to him as he got an opportunity to come to Unnati and gain confidence and a sense of purpose in life. He feels many youth in the village have no sense of purpose and they would benefit immensely by training at Unnati

Team Unnati


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