A proud moment for Team Unnati

Satyamurthy G  – 29years
4th batch Retail Unnati

When a poor farmer’s son from GH Kaval, Thattiguppe post, earns Rs.18000/-a month as manager, moves his father from a hut to his own house, completes his masters in Arts and works hard to realise his goal of becoming a KAS officer, it is indeed a moment of pride for the entire team of Unnati.

Satyamurthy is from the 4th batch of Unnati when the Unnati program was being run from a rented premise in Indiranagar. He joined Unnati in the retail stream and was placed with Café Coffee Day. Satyamurthy gradually became a manager at CCD and worked there for a good 3 years. He also worked as a manager at Dominos Pizza for a year. In the meantime Satyamurthy built his own house and fulfilled his father’s dream. After this he started pursuing his own dream of furthering his education. He did his MA in women’s studies and passed with 72%.Unnati not only motivated him to study, but it had also sowed the seed of public service in him. This drove him to want to become a KAS officer and serve the society.

Satyamurthy expresses that, but for Unnati he would have been a’ nobody’ wandering the streets. To quote Satyamurthy, “My life got direction and I evolved as a person only after I joined Unnati.”

We pray to the Almighty for Satyamurthy’s success and would like to see an ‘Unnatian’ become a KAS officer.

Team Unnati


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