Unnati at Mumbai Marathon 2012

The Dream Run category had 20,500 registrations with companies, individuals and 222 NGOs spreading awareness about issues such as malnutrition among children, education of girl children, rights of senior citizens and tribal welfare.
Mr. Raghav Swamy  participated in the Mumbai marathon to spread awareness about Unnati — at Mumbai

“Unnati” denotes ‘progress’, ‘reaching heights’ – Unnati program brings progress and prosperity to underprivileged youth and their families.
Unnati is a vocational training program aimed at enabling and empowering youngsters from families that are below the poverty line. This 70 day program equips unemployed youth (of 18 years or more) with vocational skills and life-skills that ensures employment with reputed organizations at the end of the training program. Currently, the training is offered in 9 chosen vocations – retail sales, field sales, guest care (hotels), guest care (offices), industrial tailoring, Industrial painting, data entry (for BPO), security services and car driving.
In addition to imparting knowledge and skill sets in these vocations, Unnati trains the youth in life skills, communication, spoken English, values and basic computer usage. Special attention is given to inculcating personal and community values in the youth.
By its very nature, Unnati is a social transformation program, through which we seek to transform the lives of several youngsters and their families. Those who undergo the program emerge ready to not just face society, but to contribute meaningfully to it. By assuring them of a job, Unnati puts the youngsters on their feet and pulls their families above the poverty line in 70 days… forever.


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