Usha’s M.D commends Unnati .

We are extremely proud of Ms Usha, a 29th batch student who didnt have some fingers on both of her hands. Usha took training at Unnati and was placed at Selkan Consulting, Chennai. The below mentioned note from her employer is really heartening.We just wanted to share our happiness with you.

From: *Philip Vaseekaran*>

Dear Ms. Radhika:

Thank you for our email and we are pleased to place Ms. A. Usha in our telecalling department.  She has displayed high levels of enthusiasm in our telecalling line of activity.  We have also sent her for a DRA certification program as required by RBI for collections calling in the Banking space.  We hope that she will do well in this line of work.

She should be able to achieve a take home package of Rs.8000 on completion of the certification process which takes about 3 months. She currently draws around Rs.6500 a month.

We extend our thanks to your organization for your training that seems to have had a positive effect on the candidate.

Philip Vaseekaran
Managing Director
Selkan Consulting Pvt Ltd

Team Unnati


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