Unnatian Ameen :A model for transformation

Ameen Patel is from Wadi. He discontinued his BA because of lack of interest. Having lost interest in studies, all that Ameen was doing was loitering around with his friends, getting into fights and indulging in bad habits.His father a simple farmer  was the only bread winner of his familycomprising of 2 sons and 5 daughters and an old dependent mother.Ameen’s  parents were worried about his bad company and didn’t know what to do with him. His father managed to get him temporary work in ACC factory in Wadi, but there also he got into some violent acts.During that time social workers associated with ACC Mr. Prakash, Mr. Sangamesh, Mr.Merlyn had visited him and a few of his  friends, they counselled them and  recommended Unnati to them. Ameen after been forced by his parents reluctantly agreed to come to Unnati with the intention of running away after a couple of days, but Unnati’s course brought about a transformation in his life. Here we not only aim at training the youth in a particular vocation but transforming their character too through value education and Lifeskills classes. After a week of attending different classes in Unnati Ameen says he was filled with regret and guilt that he had brought so much pain to his parents all his life by his bad behaviour. He changed and decided to mend his ways, he stopped using bad language, learnt to respect everybody.

Now all that Ameen wanted was to finish the course, get his first salary and rush back home to his parents and show them that their son is not a useless boy anymore.

Ameen is currently working with Akzonoble for a salary of Rs.4500. Food and  accommodation is provided to them.He feels immensely grateful to Unnati and wants to tell all his friends about it so that they also become responsible and better citizens and most importantly stop violence. Ameen’s most favourite topic is Alcohol Abuse from Lifeskills- he has pledged that he will never have alcohol in his life and will also educate all his friends about the dreaded habit.

There are many Ameens in our society who need right guidance and support  so that they don’t turn into law breakers. Unnati is proud of Ameen and hopes that we can reach as many youth as possible and mould them as positive individuals , direct their energies in the correct direction through
education and employment.


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