News letter

Team Unnati wishes you all a very happy and prosperous new year..
May you have a wonderful year ahead…
Supporting hands give strength…
Comforting gestures boost confidence…
Generosity results in a change for the better…
A little effort from all of us brings in a permanent transformation in the youth, through the Unnati program“Well begun is half done” goes the saying…

Unnati has made an excellent beginning primarily because of the support, comfort and generous help from our donors, patrons and well wishers.. The journey has been extremely gratifying and fulfilling with its path and direction very explicitly set. The future also needs the continued support from you all to keep this good work going smoothly.

“We feel privileged to have you as donors who continue to stay with us during the thick and thin, by motivating us in more ways than one, including the generous monetary contributions towards the growth of Unnati. It is because of a few of you, who continue to help us without the need to be reminded, that we have been able to continue this good work. We extend our gratitude to all of you who form the core strength of Unnati. The progress made by us so far, is a direct reflection of the help we receive from you. We seek the financial support of many others who are aware of the quality of work being done by us. “ A million drops make an ocean”, even a small amount from all the friends network of Unnati would result in surplus funds to run this organization more effectively.This will help us spend more time on expanding Unnati.

New year is the time to make new resolutions, explore new opportunities, generate new hopes….and what better time to appeal to you to make a difference in the life of an underprivileged youth and thereby his/her family…

“Unnati needs your support. Every rupee you donate will be spent for the cause. We wish to reiterate here that our administration cost is less around 3%, which means that your entire contribution goes to the beneficiaries.

“If the money we donate helps one child or can ease the pain of one parent, those funds are well spent.” Carl Karcher

We had a fabulous year 2011 with many more youngsters trained to face life and society with a new found confidence, energy and financial independence.Every youth who leaves Unnati smiles with satisfaction, shows the beautiful reflection of the inner joy, expresses the confidence imparted during their stay and emotes the bonding that they have developed with their parent organization. It is of immense joy for “Team Unnati” to witness these tranformed youth, who are ready to take up the challenges of the world with renewed energy and enthusiasm and this truely epitomises the philosophy that Unnati stands for.We have said this time and again and would like to emphasize this once again– All this was possible only due to the generous contributions and support from our patrons, donors, well wishers and supporters. Now we have reached a point where we need to strengthen this support and expand it further for the benefit of the future of the youth and our country. “Team Unnati’ needs more people to join and contribute in order to realize its dream of 300 centres by the year 2020.

“Transport cost for a family in any of the metro cities is a minimum of 10-12K” ( 1-2 cars per family )

“ A cozy dinner with family and a few selected friends in a fine dine restaurant- 8-10K

“ A short holiday in a decent resort for a weekend getaway- 10-12K

“ A shopping escapade to the newly opened neighbourhood mall- 5K

“ A good movie experience in a multiplex in Bangalore- can be anywhere above 2K

These are not Diner’s club card advertisement figures…..

These are the amounts that an average upper middle class family would incur on the above pleasures… All of these are small pleasures that are definitely  needed to enjoy life. But real pleasure also lies in helping others to achieve something significant in life. It is definitely heartening to know that money spent on any one of the activities mentioned above can actually transform a life and a family forever….. The joy that is derived from the feeling “My Money Is Well Spent” is amazing..

Now some FAQs…

1. What can I do to achieve this?

A. You can contribute or sponsor the programs conducted by Unnati either by making a donation to the Corpus Fund or to the particular program/student.

2. How much can I contribute for this?

A. Any amount of monetary contribution is welcome, while 12000 is the amount required to sponsor one student from the start till finish of the course, which includes food, bus pass/stay, course content and placement.

3. What is in it for me?

A. Apart from the fact that all these donations are exempt from tax under the section 35Ac/80GGA(which entitles you 100% tax exemption), you can have the joy of witnessing the use that your money has been put to..

4. How do I do it?

A. Attached along with this mail, please find our bank detail.

5. How important will be my contribution?

A. Here is our answer to this question…

Lord Rama, the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu himself also needed help from many quarters.. to accomplish the mission “Rescue Seetha”

A bird “Jatayu” helped him in furnishing the details of Seetha’s kidnap…A god monkey “Hanuman’ with all his might traced Seetha’s whereabouts by crossing the enormous ocean… a feat which none could even think of..A scholarly bear “Jambavan” helped with his timely advice and suggestions

A monkey king Sugreeva helped with his army in building the bridge across the ocean and during the war.

A demon king Vibheeshana stood by Lord Rama’s side along with his daughter Trijata, who ensured Seetha’s safety in exile..

The list goes on…

Though the epic hails all these contributions as major factors for the success of Rama there is also one other invaluable help that got etched in the pages of this great epic forever..

It is that of a tiny little squirrel who helped Lord Rama when the bridge was built. With his wet tail immersed in sand first and dusting the same to bridge the gap between the stones, the squirrel rendered priceless and timeless service to the Lord. Blessed was the tiny little creature that has Lord Rama’s finger prints on its back forever..

The message that this great epic has to offer is that a lot of people have a part to play when great things have to happen and nobody’s part can be undervalued. Every little drop goes to make an ocean.

With this thought we wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year once again…

   ” The smallest good deed is worth a thousand grand intentions.” – Anonymous

Placement Record
The students of the 30th batch ( a total of 116 students) had an excellent time during their placements and are now proud employees of Care Well (4), Akzonobel (6), Katizone (7), Allsec (1), Sara Silk store (1), Au bon pain (14), KFC(12), Godrej (2),St’ Marks(11),Concentrix (5), Radius Com (1), Nuware(2), Hillrock (7),Future & Careers (2) Private (32).

Numbers in the parenthesis indicate number of people employed in a particular organization.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” – Acts 20:35

Students speak

Devanand :
Batch & Vocation : 31st Batch
Course: Guest Care Hotel
Qualification: Diploma in Multimedia
Devanand is from a poor family from Madana Palli, a small village near Kolar. His father is a farmer,mother is home maker and sister is a student. He was working as a junior designer in an Animation company in Hyderabad. He was promoted and send to Bombay to resume his job as animator. Due to his carelessness he missed his train and did not report on time. He lost his job. This tag continued to haunt him as he was unable to secure another job though he attended more than 30 interviews. He was very much dejected. Around the same time he met one of our old students who advised him to join Unnati.

Here at Unnati its been a time for introspection for Devanand . As we progress with our life skill sessions, like punctuality, responsibility, dress and hygiene, goal setting, positive first impression etc. he understands and realizes the mistakes he made during his erstwhile career. Professional life is not all about the work skills or technical skills we might have in plenty, but it is the right work ethics and culture that actually give you a shot at success, is Devanand’s takeaway from Unnati.

Devanand aspires to make a name for himself in the world of animation and he feels that Unnati is the much needed professional stepping stone in his life


Batch & Vocation: 31st Batch
Course: Retail Sales and Marketing
Qualification: Pursuing B.Com
Lavanya is from Vijayanagar Bangalore. She stays with her mother. 8 years back she lost her father and very recently lost her brother too. Her mother is a nanny. Lavanya worked with Freedom Foundation for a year as the project came to an end she had to quit and search for another job. Freedom Foundation advised her to join the Unnati programme to upgrade her employable skills before she applied for another job.
At Unnati she has started seeing an improvement in her English communication capabilities. At 19 she still relied on her mother to wake her up in the mornings, however her teachers at Unnati prodded her to become self reliant and her family can see the obvious changes in her. Punctuality, respect to others, confidence to converse with strangers in English are some of the areas where Lavanya can herself see changes.

In the future Lavanya sees herself as a Chartered Accountant and want to help the children of HIV infected parents.

“If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.”. – Bob Hope




To sponsor one youth- Rs. 12,000 To Co sponsor a youth- Rs. 6000 Annadaanam; provision of meals for one day- Rs. 3000


Unnati centre, Bangalore Temple Road Sadananda Nagar, NGEF East, Bangalore – 560038. Phone:080-25340443,25348642

U.S Donors


Mr.Deepak Trikannad Satsang Foundation, 18823, S.Rochelle, Cerritos, CA ,90701, U.S.A.


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