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Leaders Quest visitors at Unnati Bangalore

Leaders’ Quest is a social enterprise committed to being a catalyst for positive change by engaging, developing and inspiring leaders from all sectors of society who want to make a difference in their organisations, communities and the wider world.Unnati had the privilege of hosting the visit of these dignitaries who interacted with the students and inspired them to succeed .

Lindsay Levin- Founder and managing partner Leaders Quest.

Dr. Frank Reintjes – Vice President, Head of Global Service & Parts, Mercedes-Benz Cars, Maybach and smart, Vans &Trucks

Sara Niese – Daimler Corporate Academy, Senior manager, Leadership Vice Presidents/ Directors

Dr. Albert X. Kirchmann – President & CEO, Head of Daimler Trucks Asia

Charles G.T Stonehill -Director and Chairman of Audit Committee, Julius Baer Group Ltd

Vinay Rao – Climate change and sustainability advisor

Our Unnati students had the privilege of interacting with these esteemed Guests. We hereby convey our heartfelt gratitude for spending their valuable in interacting with our students.


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