Gowtham manages Cafe Coffee day outlet

Gowtham has come a long way from his laid back days to being an able and
motivated young man

Gowtham’s father was the sole breadwinner of the family, supporting and educating his two sons and daughter. As a driver he earned 5,500 rupees and required to borrow very frequently to make ends meet.

Gowtham was demotivated and did not take any interest in work or even his own family. His father got to learn about Unnati from his employer and enrolled his son Gowtham to the programme.

Gowtham has fond memories of Unnati. “I felt very motivated and inspired after joining Unnati. The teachers always encouraged me and Shobha ma’am would praise me everyday. Being the first person to receive a blue star for scoring 70 on 90, I was so motivated to ensure I never got a red mark for indiscipline.”

Now Gowtham works in Café Coffee Day and is pursuing a bachelors in commerce
with an evening college. Gowtham has become an ambitious and hardworking man
visioning a career for himself. “My work has been noticed by the regional and city managers especially after one day when I had to manage the whole outlet myself when my colleagues were on leave. They even gave me their mobile numbers! I want to work hard and head the Coffee Day outlet one day.”


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