Daily wager employed at Akzo nobel India, Magic?

Varkey is a classic example of a boy who was ready to work hard and make  good use of all that was taught to him at UNNATI, and without a doubt, is  reaping the fruits of his labour.

Varkey was a regular youth of 25 years, who was working in the fields, in  his village in Jadkal, Udupi dist, as a daily wage labour. He had no hopes  of doing anything beyond his work, being one of the 3 children born to his  parents who also worked as daily labourers to eek out a living. It was a  hand to mouth situation at home. One fine day Varkey happened to meet  Sri.Ananthaswamy, a social worker from Shimoga, through a friend, and came  to know about Unnati. The fact that Unnati offered vocational courses  totally free and  also gave 100% placement, drew Varkey to the doorsteps of  UNNATI.

Varkey enrolled under the 23rd batch(August 2010) of students’ at UNNATI  with Industrial Painting as his selected vocation. UNNATI opened the doors  to a whole new world for him, to which he had been totally oblivious all  along. It was a new beginning and brought new hope into his life. The  training in life skills, spoken English, computers etc gave him the  confidence that he had never known before. He took in every bit taught to  him at UNNATI, with utmost sincerity and made it a habit to in grain it into  his life on a day to day basis. Armed with this attitude, he completed the  training and was placed with Akznobel and within 3 months, has been promoted  and is presently earning a salary of Rs.10000 a month. He attributes  everything to the love, care and training he received at UNNATI, which he  put to use and the results are there for all to see. His family is extremely  happy and Varkey’s happiness knows no bounds.


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