Achiever Asha gives credit to Unnati

Asha Rani (25th Batch Rtl) working in Shopper’s Stop at Garuda Mall,  Bangalore since December 2010 after completing her course at Unnati.

Asha Rani has been awarded a certificate for performing well and achieving  her targets. The managers of her stores were very appreciative of her. She  took that opportunity to explain about Unnati’s training to them. She was given a  special gift for her performance.

Shaila (25th Batch Rtl)  working in Taco Bell, as Cashier, Bangalore since  December 2010 after completing her course at Unnati.

Shaila also achieved her targets and was awarded with gift vouchers and a  certificate. The fact that she has been given the responsibility of handling  the cash counter this early is commendable.

Shaila and Asha Rani are sisters from Chickballapur. Theirs is a great story  of social transformation which Unnati has achieved in just 70 days. Their  parents wanted to get them married and were not willing to send them to  Unnati. Luckily, the girls could convince them and are now employed and  earning very well.

They have decided to postpone marriage, which would have been a wrong  decision for these 18 and 19 year old girls.In the present scenario when  they eventually get married, they would get husbands who would be earning as  much as them or more. They have moved not just out of poverty but into a  lower income middle class group.

This is what Unnati is all about.


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