A rising star in the horizon, Rani Venkatesh

This is the  story of Mrs.Rani Venkatesh, a student of 17th batch. After  passing her SSLC ,she got married and was  whiling away her time. She got  married to a machine operator and is the mother of two kids. She felt that  she should do something  which would be useful to her family. Rani had heard  about Unnati from another NGO  and her husband Mr.Venkatesh  encouraged her  to join Unnati. During the interviews they promised us that they would make  all the adjustments and not compromise on the discipline expected to be part  of Unnati. Based on this assurance, she was given admission and they kept  their word throughout the training period.

Rani joined Unnati’s 17th batch in December 2008  under the ‘Guest Care’  vocation .As a student, she was always very enthusiastic and interactive.  Mrs.Padmini Parthasarathy, a volunteer at Unnati  opines about Rani saying  she  had a deep sense of involvement in the welfare of others and was always  spontaneous in coming forward and taking charge in any situation.

According to Padmini ,one instance which goes to show Rani’s spontaneity and  timely action was when a fellow boy student felt very uneasy with some pain  in the chest region. When most of the students in the class panicked, Rani  had the presence of mind and gave the boy some water and prepared to send  him to the nearby hospital in an auto. She immediately put in some money  from her side and requested other students to pitch in for the balance,  towards the auto fare. What was most touching  was the refusal of the  students and Rani in particular, to accept a reimbursement of money from  Unnati.

Rani joined Carewell Facility Private Limited as a supervisor. She is in  charge of keeping the office premises consisting of 13 floors, spic and  span. Even though she joined at a salary of Rs 4000 per month, her work was  so impressive and excellent, that she got a jump of about *60 %* in her  remuneration within a year.

Rani owes her success to Unnati where she picked up spoken English, better  communication skills which helped her immensely to gain the much required  self confidence to progress well in life.She loved and cherishes the family  like atmosphere at Unnati, which gave her a sense of security and well being  and brought out the best in her.

Her dream is to start and run a facility like Carewell, herself, where she  can not only train underprivileged students, but also employ them gainfully  and offer this service to various organizations including corporates.

We at Unnati wish her all the best. She is sure to be a RANI one day.


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