Jesse Fenn Bosh India Foundation Commends Unnati Bangalore

Jesse Fenn commends Unnati’s Team for bringing this transformation in youth not only on thier vocational skills but they are tranformed to better individuals equippped with values.Bosch India Foundation supports 20 NGO’s across the country.
Bosch India Foundation, the trust formed by the Bosch entities in India, aims at enabling lives and livelihood through education and technology. Vocational or skill training is the primary means of enabling lives taken up by the foundation. Technology related solutions which enable especially health and life is the other focus area. As  Program Manager, She initiates and identify projects that are aligned with the focus areas of the foundation, partner and support groups that help to further the cause, and carry out project monitoring, evaluation and impact analysis.

“It is my intention, apart from the alleviation of all kinds of hardship, to promote the moral, physical and intellectual development of the people.” (Robert Bosch, 1935). Bosch India Foundation partners with Unnati in achieving this goal through their CSR Initiative.


gives the link to Dr.Jesse ‘s talk at Unnati Bangalore


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