Unnati was like an Oasis in the middle of the desert – Harish

Hi My name is Harish,I would like to tell you about the 3 wonderful months which changed my life completely,
Yes, I am talking about UNNATI’s 3 months Vocational Training,Unnati, gave me an opportunity to learn the skills and all the requirements which I needed to earn a job for myself,Me, along with around 30 other frustrated job-less people joined Unnati for 18th Batch, what we didn’t know is that, this course going to change our lives forever.  Because almost all of us were from Kannada medium and who had never spoken in English before, we had done everything, but we couldn’t to get a decent job.  But when we joined Unnati, for a BPO course we learnt almost everything like Communicative English, Computer knowledge which we needed to get a job in MNC (BPO) and life skills which was very useful to live in the society as good citizens.Unnati helped us to build our confidence level and improved our life style.  We always had dreams of getting into the big- big MNCs, Unnati made it real.The change I experienced in Unnati: Being born in a poor family I couldn’t get into English medium and had completed my education in Kannada medium.  It was always difficult for me to speak in English for 2 minutes in a good way.  In those 3 months, I was taught English in the most effective way possible.I had gone through all the difficulties and had lost all the hopes about my future.  I always wanted to join a good company like my friends who were from English medium had joined.  I was so frustrated about my life that I never attended any function for almost 6 months, no matter wherever I go the first question I faced was where are you working?,   everybody was telling to my mother that their children were working in good company and asking my mother where I was,, I had seen the worst part my life in those days.I came to know about Unnati, from one of my friend who also had the life changing experience.  It was like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert when you are lost.  Everybody who knows me had also lost their hopes and had come to a conclusion that I was useless.  I clearly remember that I was getting up at 11 ‘o clock in the morning, just to avoid my mother’s disappointed face every day.  It was very difficult for me to face the society, since I was 22, had single parent and was job-less.  My mother is very ambitious and wanted to me to achieve everything that she couldn’t in her life, but I had failed her.  I was very desperate to get into a decent job and earn a decent income to support my mother.Unnati provided me with that opportunity and I made use of that, although I have not achieved everything in my life, at least now I am very happy and so is the people around me.  Personally, I am very thankful making a very big difference in my life.
This is not the story of one person; I wrote this passage along with my friend Somashekar, who also had joined Unnati with me.  We both are happy and proud to say that we are working for one of the biggest BPO in India, Tata Consultancy Services.   Also, my friends who were with me have joined big jobs like Vishwanath, who joined one of the leading construction companies in Bangalore.I hope that Unnati will continue to this good work and help all the poor people to come up in their life.  Very big thanks to Unnati.

Harish Kumar


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