A Touching Thank You Note .

We would like to share this mail received by one of our Trustees from an old student and thought of sharing it with you all.

Good evening sir,

I’m really very very happy to see your reply. sir when i came to Unnati , during that time i had passed B.sc (comp,math,ele) first year and due to my negligence i spent all my admission fee for the 2nd yr for my personnel use and that made me to cancel my admission for 2nd yr. and made me to come Bangalore to work. i was feeling very guilty in bidar and i wanted to get out of bidar to make myself get in new things. Somehow i came to Bangalore and i searched for job in various sectors but i was failed to get those. as all my money seemed to over, i became frustrated and meanwhile my friend Mr. Basan gowda from bijapur was a student of your institution he suggested me to get interviewed in Unnati  . i passed to get admission in Unnati and that became my home , my friend , my future and my god. Which has given me shelter, food, and especially covered all my lacuneys . Which cultivated me so nicely? Helped me to recognize my strength, my knowledge, and showed me way to live. Sir honestly I say, Unnati has transformed me. My words are not enough to describe, you can feel my gratitude in my eyes.

When I came out from Unnati with a job, i was half satisfied, few teachers from Unnati suggested me to continue my study. So with their blessings i am in the B.sc 5th sem. i have got lot of name in my college after coming from Unnati .

I participated in lot of competitions  like speech, and in extra curricular activities and in all i stood first.  sir i don’t consider my self so successful this year i made my sisters marriage and i am quite happy with that and i feel that I was successful in taking the responsibility of my father after him.

Further I want to study Msc in maths or else MBA. Want to have better future. Then I will feel myself as a successful. I am happy and studying well and i am taking tuition classes for spoken English. And making my pocket-money.

Take care.Long live Unnati.

Thanking you.

kore vivekanand

Team Unnati


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