This is sure to make You happy!! Unnati Student Prasad Employed at ICICI Prudential

Prasad, 27th batch, was born in Nellore but had to move to Suryapet near Hyderabad as his father couldnt make ends meet. Prasad has a rather peculiar problem of being over-qualified but under equipped. He had managed to complete his BA followed by an MBA from Andhra Pradesh. However, he couldnt get through a dozen job interviews. Through the Eenadu booklet he learnt about Unnati an NGO  in Bangalore and as he says, “packed his bags and landed here”.

Prasad’s father is a farmer, mother does some stitching from home and has a sister whom they got married with a lot of dowry. He was aware of his short comings of stage fever and lack of communication skills that his MBA program couldnt rectify.Prasad recollects that the first 8-10 days at Unnati were very very difficult. On the personal front the cold weather at Bangalore was quite a challenge. At Unnati, attending classes from 8.30am till 6pm was quite an uphill task and he says he contemplated dropping and going back to Hyderabad many a times. However, he stuck on and kept telling himself, if others can do it, so could he. He also shared that although he always used to sit in the first row, he would hesitate to speak up in class. The trainers at Unnati encouraged him, to get rid of his stage fear, by making him talk in front of the assembly. Prasad Boidi is successfully employed with ICICI Prudential currently at a salary of Rs.15,000/- per month. What his B-school couldnt, Unnati did it for him and he heartily donated Rs. 2000/- to the Unnati cause.We hope that many Prasad’s join Unnati and change the course of their lives for the better.

One thought on “This is sure to make You happy!! Unnati Student Prasad Employed at ICICI Prudential

  1. It is wonderful to see this transformation. The best part is that in such a short period of time they start looking different, their confidence is so high and they seem to know exactly what they want out of their lives.

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